Monday, August 31, 2009

children's reading blog

This is a great blog that I came across that I wanted to share with everyone - Little Page Turners. This cute blog gives lots of fun ideas for reading and fun activities that can bring the stories to life. Check it out!

canvas corkboard

I saw these and they reminded me of the cute corkboards that I made with my craft group The Material Girls. If you go to our blog you can check out a written tutorial by Natalie. You can find the above corkboard at Creature Comforts with a tutorial here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

my life journal

I saw these awhile back but I had to put them on this blog for anyone who hasn't come across them yet. My Life journal pages by Becky Higgins are a wonderful way to have a bit of history about YOU that can be read for generations. I can't wait to put one together for myself to share with my little girls. Go and do this - it will be very special to those that love you and that you love.

lots and lots of flowers

Thank you Little Birdie Secrets for adding to my flower obsession. Now I have lots of tutorials organized so nicely for me...thank you again.
I want to some how make this pictured flower into a ring. Once I figure it out I will do a little tutorial of my own.

Friday, August 28, 2009

fabric necklace

What a fun necklace. I love that it is simple but so colorful at the same time. Check it out here by Rhonna DESIGNS.

button clips

These are too cute and too simple. I found these on Sparkle Power! but she found them here, at Bee Handmade Stuff. My little one definitely needs some of these to keep all of her hair off of her pretty face.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

silly face magnets

In a cute post done by While She Naps, we learn how a family went on a fun little trip to an art gallery and were inspired by these cute ceramic magnets . She how they made some of their very own here. I think this would be such a fun little craft to do with any child.

bow holder

I have seen lots of hair bow holder but this is one of my favorites. Get the details at The Creative Crate and even better she has links to a few others that you may like better.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

big flower necklace

I have seen these big flower necklaces at all of the boutiques and LOVE them to pieces. Yeah, that I now know how to make one myself, and so do you...check out the tutorial on Megan.

ruffly belt

This is beautiful and I absolutely love it and I will definitely be making one of my own. Check it out at 100 Layer Cake with a tutorial here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

days of the week clothes tags

School mornings around my house are busy, busy, busy!! I saw these cute clothes tags that could help make the mornings less hectic by helping kids know what clothes they are wearing for the day, and providing one less thing that moms have to help with in the morning! Sometime that one small thing helps the mornings run alot smoother! Living Locurto offers the free printables here.

organza flowers

My sister and I have both always loved how pretty and elegant these organza flowers look as hairclips. Little Birdie Secrets gives a tutorial on how to make them here.

homemade chalkboard paint

A few weeks ago I did a post about colored chalkboard paint...well...I found something even better...a recipe for homemade chalkboard paint. Get all the details at HomeSpun Threads and here is the recipe. Please someone try this and tell me how it works.

Monday, August 24, 2009

printable fruit notes

Don't you think your little ones would love to open up their lunch bag and find one of these encouraging notes. Print some off at Alpha+Mom and make your kids day.

tea towel pillows

So cute, so fun and so unique. Go to mmmcrafts for some great instructions on how to make some of your own.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

milk bottles

I can't believe these little milk bottles where made out of a Starbucks frapuccino carton. I have been wanting to find something like these to put on some shelves in my girls room. I had no idea they were right in front of me all along. Check them out here at Mazie Hutton.

friendly cleaner recipe

About a month ago I went to a little health lecture that my friend Tawny had put together. I have to admit that I stuck out like a sore thumb with the "organic, natural ingredients, only fruits and veggies" group. However, I did walk away with some info that I thought was very helpful - friendly cleaners. Here is a recipe for an all natural, fragrant cleaner that I thought I would share with you all... go to DesignSponge and you will find the recipe here.
P.S. This is better for our kids - the chemicals in many cleaners are really bad for your body.

embroidery baby mobile

This is adorable and what I love is that you can use this same concept and customize according the decor in your own babies nursery. Check out all the details on Wild Olive.

Friday, August 21, 2009

wool-wrapped bangles

These are super cute and would be fun to make. They require the same wrapping technique we talked about yesterday. I first saw these on One Pretty Thing which lead me to good old Martha.

wool felt applique

I am dying over how cute this is...I want to make one right now! Check out Sew Mama Sew where you can get all the how to instructions and templates. Thank You!!

ottoman reupholster

I have always been curious about this tufting technique. Centsational Girl shows us a great DIY furniture reupholster and how to master this technique. I have two chairs in my garage that are really happy that I came across this post because now I might actually do something to them.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

free art and cute display

How About Orange read my mind with this blog post. If you haven't already heard of Feed Your Soul free printable art, well, now you have. I can't believe the pieces that they offer for all of us to print until our hearts content. I have printed off a few myself and absolutley love them.

To take it one step furthur How About Orange even suggests displaying them the way that I have (or should say had before I moved) them displayed in my house. Wow...I guess that means I am kind of trendy. All you need is some twine, hooks and clothesline this...easy instructions from Olive on Etsy.

Now go and beautify your home. You will love it!

decorative balls and more

I am sure that many of you saw these yesterday on UCreate but I just had to post them here for my little file box. I have actually used this wrapping technique before for some cute little Easter chicks I made for my girls last year. Although it is a little time consuming the result is something that looks very beautiful. Check out this tutorial on V and Co. right here. :)

You can also use that same wrapping technique to improve some of those old glass vases that you have lying around your house. I saw this awhile back on A Soft Place to Land and have had them on my craft to do list. Check them out here.

minature sandboxes

One evening I was with my mom and we went into this specialty toy store, and right in the front display they had little miniature sand boxes. I actually said out loud to my mom, "who would pay money for sand". Well...I was quickly proven wrong because what was the toy that my daughter couldn't peel herself away from - the miniature sandboxes.
When I came across these cute little sandboxes at Dollar Store Crafts I had to share them with everyone because I can promise you that your kids will love them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

fabric flower earrings

I never usually wear earrings, but maybe having a pair of these could get me to start! I love these! Happy Together has a tutorial here!

alphabet block magnets

I love how cute this idea is for organizing photos, appointment cards, etc. on your refrigerator. Plum Pudding gives a tutorial on how to make them here! Now I have a fun project that will give me incentive to organize the clutter on my fridge!!

baby growth onesies

This is such a great idea. Check out the how to at Chocolate on my Cranium.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

printable notecards

I am in love with these notecards. I could just eat up the vintage bike and camera. Print your own at Oh, Hello Friend. I know I already printed mine.

button clips

What a cute and easy gift idea. You could give these little button clips with some cute note cards. Oh...I would love it!! Super easy to make...check them out here at Bella Dia.

Monday, August 17, 2009

birth announcement

This is a great find for any mother expecting a baby. We all want special birth announcements but that is not always easy, and for a good price. can't beat this Not to mention the cute bird. I love anything with birds on it...Enjoy! Download here and thank Sakura Handmade while you are at it.

alphabet fun

Here are two adorable ways to help your little ones learn their ABC's. First are these bean bags from Lil Blue Boo, full tutorial here.
Then we have these beautiful rag quilt letters from Happy Together - check out the tutorial here.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

chocolate fudge jr. mint center cupcakes

Don't these look and sound so YUMMY!! Before you bake them you put Junior Mint candies in the center which creates a gooey minty center when you bite into one! These could be really dangerous for my weight!! =) Find the recipe here at Picky Palate.

tooth fairy bags

Luckily, my girls have not lost any teeth yet, so I still have sometime to make these cute little bags. Check out a fabulous tutorial (with great pictures) from The Purl Bee.

colored chalkboard paint

I would love to see a project made with this colored chalkboard paint. If you see one email it to me so we can all see what I am sure is pure awesomeness put to good use. I saw this on one cool pick but you can order it from Hudson Paint.

Friday, August 14, 2009

feather headband

These are beautiful and oh so stylish. You can guarantee that these cute little feathered pretties are on the top of my craft to do list. If you want to make one too, check out a wonderful tutorial on IS*LY.

pom pom flowers

These little pom pom flowers are so pretty. I would love to make some with a bright yellow yarn. I found tutorials here and here and they totally look like something you could do as you are watching your favorite TV show. Thanks to Bella Dia and Domestifluff.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dr. Seuss cupcakes

I want to have a Dr. Seuss party just so that I can make these cupcakes. Or I could just go to the library check out a bunch of Dr. Seuss books, read them with my girls and then make these cupcakes for dessert. Yup, that is what I will do. Check them out at Kitchen DoughDough.

pots of moss

I love how these pots of moss look. They would be perfect for decorating but also as a fun favor at a shower. I plan on making a few and putting them in my kitchen. Check out the full tutorial on project wedding by Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day!

photo borders

I was very excited when I saw these printable photo borders/mattes. I am in the process of making aqua one of the main colors in my home decor, so anything that I can find along the way to help in that process is always exciting. You can get your own at Creature Comforts (one of the first blogs I look at in the morning). However, we need to thank Hey Susy for the cute design.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

honeydew list

I always love free printables. Here is a cute honeydew list from Vale Design. I have featured her stuff before on the blog because I just can't get enough of all of her cute printables. Dowload your own here.

tote bag

I have been wanting to make my kids their own church bags for sometime now and today I came across a very simple tutorial on Skip to My Lou that I can't wait to get started! While I'm at it I should also make a matching crayon roll!! So cute!

sunburst mirror

I am so making one of these sunburst mirrors. I have seen them all over the place and was very excited when I saw this easy and seemingly inexpensive way of making my own. Check them out at Craftynest with full tutorial here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I love when people have the genius to turn something seemingly junky into something so fabulous. I think these ladders are so Pottery I just need to find one at the thrift store. Check out more creative uses for ladders at Funky Junk Interiors.

Monday, August 10, 2009

edible crayons

How fun are these crayon treats for Back to School? Parties by Hardie shows how to make these simple and cute treats here!

ribbon wreath

Halloween is coming up - wouldn't this wreath look so awesome on your front door. I love that it is festive but still classy. Check out a tutorial on The Long Thread.
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