Friday, December 10, 2010

glitter houses

My favorite Christmas crafts are the ones that I get to do with my cute girls. This year we decided to make a little village of glitter houses. After gathering houses from Hobby Lobby and DI and even making one of our own with leftover cardboard we painted them up in a fun color scheme of red, pink, turquoise, and white. Once the paint was dry we painted over each house with mod podge and sprinkled with white glitter. Then embellished the houses with little wreaths that were also purchased at Hobby Lobby. They look so sweet and the girls love having them displayed in their playroom. You can also add battery operated tea lights in each house to give life to your houses even at night.

Hard at work!

I created the white wreaths using the same bleaching affect from the Christmas trees on the previous post.

Hope this adds a little sparkle to your day!


  1. These houses are so cute. Love the color combination. These trees

    would look so adorable with your little village.

  2. omgosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!!

  3. So the picture of the girls hanging! Oh how I miss your talent here! :)

  4. loved featuring your party!! cant wait to see the next one!! :)

  5. These are gorgeous! Bet your girls loved to look at them :)


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