Tuesday, February 2, 2010

embroidery hoop art

Now I know that this is nothing inventive but I wanted to share my latest wall art with everyone. I also wanted to brag on the total price...ready for it...$7.00!! I got all the hoops at the thrift store and instead of using fabric I used scrapbook paper, which happened to be on sale.

I look at this and I just feel happy!


  1. Mmm...this makes me happy too : ) And what a great idea to use scrapbook paper! I love all the patterns and colors you chose! Your blog is definitely becoming a favorite! We must think alike b/c I just picked up some hoops at the thrift store last week and they're waiting to be filled!

  2. too cute! Love those colors. Great idea using paper! I'm featuring this tomorrow on Crazydomestic.com. Thanks!


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