Monday, January 11, 2010

mini banner canvas wall art

canvas board
mod podge
paper/fabric scraps
foam brush
clothesline (or any other ribbon, string, yarn, etc. you prefer)
glue gun
triangle template
embellishments (optional)

Step 1: Using your triangle template cut out 20 (or so) triangles with your paper/fabric scraps.

Step 2: Take glue gun and secure clothesline in place on back of canvas board.

Step 3: Drap clothesline across canvas board and secure with glue gun on opposite side.

Step 4: Use mod podge and foam brush and brush over clothesline to secure in place on top of canvas board.

Step 5: Use finger to smooth out clothesline.

Step 6: Begin placing cut triangles, using mod podge and foam brush, under clothesline to give the look of a banner. Once in place take foam brush and paint over triangles with mod podge.

Repeat steps 2 - 6 if desired.

Add embellishments and you are finished.

A perfectly simple and fun piece of art work for any room in your home.

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  1. This is darling, I love it! Would be cute with clothes on a clothesline, too. Laundry room art!!! I think I might try it!

  2. This is simply adorable! Thanks for sharing

  3. very cute! i love how pretty and simple it looks! great job!

  4. This is so freaking cute! What room are you putting it in?

  5. Replies
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