Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 fun projects

This morning when I stopped by favorite blog to check in the morning. I saw all three of these projects that I loved. I thought I would share all of them with all of we go!

Adorable washer ornaments...I am sure you have seen these washers made into necklaces but here they are put to use in another fantastic way. Check them out at Nannygoat.

Of course I am a sucker for any fancy necklace with pearls and flowers and whatever else can make it look fancy. Love this Anthropologie look alike and you can make your own by checking out Infarrantly Creative.

And then I had to save these little cuties for last. I love, love, love this little dolls and want to make tons of my own. Check them out at Homemade by Jill where you can also find a free pattern...thank you!!

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