Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pom pom pumpkin tree

I love making these cute little pom poms (they are addicting) and the other day thought of a fun little way to bring some "fall beauty" into my home while incorporating these cute pom poms.

All you will need is:
orange yarn
white yarn (optional)
glue gun and glue sticks
tree branch
and whatever other material you would like to make your leaves out of - felt, yarn, fabric, etc.
I used a combination of felt and yarn.

Using your orange yarn (and white if you choose), just follow this tutorial, from Bella Dia, and you will be a pom pom making expert (they are so easy).
side note: make sure not to cut the yarn that you tied your knot with. Those little strings will be the way that you attach your pom poms to your tree branch.

Once you have made the orange poms poms (and white if you choose) attach them to your tree branch, which you have placed in your vase.
Take whatever material you choose (felt, yarn, fabric) and cut out little leaves that are a complimenting size to your orange pom poms.
Get out your trusty glue gun and attach the leaves onto the pom poms that are already attached to your branch.
When you are happy with the way that they look, cut the remaining yarn off the pom pom and you are set.

Now you have a cute little pom pom pumpkin tree.

Happy Fall!!


  1. That is so cute! The pom poms make me small. They are petite and sweet! That would look good with red and green or other colors for other holidays!

  2. I am SO in love with this!! It looks straight from Martha Stewart. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I clicked your "Follow" button eagerly even before I could leave a comment. I cannot believe how creative of a centerpiece with barely any items. The whole vignette is gorgeous. Head on over and click my "Follow" button if you like what you see. This way we can inspire one another to get our creative juices flowing.

  4. I love this idea! The whole vignette looks like something out of a magazine. Great job!

    pk @ Room Remix

  5. Really cute pompom tree. I signed up to follow you too!


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